Ikumimama’s Animal Donuts

Here is another example of Japan being really good at producing quality goods that are detailed and downright adorable.

ikumimama animal donuts japan

Ikumimama no Doubutsu Donatsu, everyone! If you are lucky enough to happen upon one of these little shops, I highly recommend giving these delights a shot. Even for those foodies without a sweet-tooth, the taste of these donuts are very light, as the ingredients used are very raw; the eggs, wheat, salt, butter, and not a whole lot of processed chemical bits.

ikumimama animal donuts japan

But enough about the nutritional facts, let’s check the spoils.

ikumimama animal donuts catikumimama animal donuts tiger

Handmade with smiles in mind, these adorable snackies are all shaped like animals such as cats, bears, tigers, penguins, and depending on the day and season, they also have a great selection of seasonal goodies, which you can check out on their website.

ikumimama animal donuts menuI’ve seen these shops pop up around Tokyo, and now I’m super thrilled to have finally found one in Osaka. If you come across it, just remember these words of Runa, “Give into the cuteness, feast, and be merry!”